Bearding Up for Hockey

I was playing around on Twitter (What a surprise!) and somehow, after being on it for less than a year, I have made some fantastic Imaginary Friends. It seems like the more ridiculous I am, the more fun I have. I pretend to have a mustache–don’t ask–with a few men who have actual beards, as far as I know. Then, a few weeks ago, I noticed that some women added beards to their avis for hockey playoffs. So of course, I started bearding up my avi during hockey games. Just so you know, I hate sports, but since I started this whole beard thing, I felt like I should actually start watching the games. Surprisingly, I actually found a sport that I like to watch. I mean, the players are basically running around the whole time and fighting on ice skates.

If anything, bearding up my avi has made me less vain. Apparently, some men are really grossed out by me doing this which makes me want to keep it permanently. Who knows. Maybe I will. Well, I gotta go. The game is gonna start soon.



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