Tag Team Tuesday

On 1/18/16, I logged onto Twitter on my phone and saw I had a new follower @midnight. I jokingly Tweeted that it must be a mistake because I pretty much break under pressure of the nightly Hashtag Wars. Then @midnight messaged me to check my Direct Messages. When I checked my DMs, I saw that I had the opportunity to be on Tag Team Tuesday. First off, I thought it was a joke and I really didn’t know what that meant. After asking one of the hashtaggers, I discovered that it meant that you are randomly selected to be paired up with a comedian who plays for you to win during the TV show @midnight.

I still didn’t believe my luck and was on the edge of the couch when the show started because I still didn’t believe I’d be on it.

When I saw my Twitter avi on the TV, I probably scared my neighbors because I was screaming like an idiot.

I didn’t win, but I did get a surprise package in the mail a few weeks later with a “Points!” shirt that totally made my day.

I heart Twitter and I heart hashtag games.

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