I am writing a contemporary romance set in beautiful Santa Barbara about an aspiring marine biologist who discovers the secret to getting over a breakup. Spoiler Alert: Magic is involved. I’m having a lot of fun with this romantic comedy writing the messy first draft.

Haunted is a paranormal romance based in a small town in Port Hope, Michigan about a new ghost medium who must protect herself and her grandmother from violent spirits, find her unstable mother and falls for a man separated from her by death.

Sweet Seduction is a contemporary romantic comedy about a woman reunited with her college crush, a fearless shark biologist, who is off limits, since he is her new boss. I originally wrote it aimed toward the So You Think You Can Write contest and Harlequin’s Book in 3 Months project. I watched the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, Cupcake Wars and Jaws in preparation for it. I also made Nigella Lawson’s delicious Raspberry Pavlova and many, too many cupcakes. (Fact: The Pavlova is named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.)