Said I would Never join Vine

So, I joined Vine.

I did a lot of things in the past 14 months that I said I’d never do. I joined Twitter. I pitched my book on Twitter. I joined Vine. I joined Periscope. Did 2 embarrassing Periscopes.

Vine is a 6 second video. It inspired me to start cooking and baking again. Vine allows me to capture my creations. If you want to see really good cooking Vines, check out actor Tommy Campbell’s Vines.

The last time I attempted a homemade pie crust was when I was obsessed with Martha Stewart when I was 15 years old, to my mother’s dismay. I picked peaches from our garden, even traced out the peach leaves for the pie crust just like Martha showed me on her TV show. I worked on it All Day. I even set it to cool on the window sill like I thought Donna Reed would have done.  When my family ate it after dinner, I bit into the beautiful, undercooked pie crust. It was a Disaster. I never made another pie crust again.

Then came Vine. I tried it again, many [not telling you how many] years later. It was a success.

Take that, Martha!

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