Said I would Never join Vine

So, I joined Vine.

I did a lot of things in the past 14 months that I said I’d never do. I joined Twitter. I pitched my book on Twitter. I joined Vine. I joined Periscope. Did 2 embarrassing Periscopes.

Vine is a 6 second video. It inspired me to start cooking¬†and baking again. Vine allows me to capture my creations. If you want to see really good cooking Vines, check out actor Tommy Campbell’s Vines.

The last time I attempted a homemade pie crust was when I was obsessed with Martha Stewart when I was 15 years old, to my mother’s dismay. I picked peaches from our garden, even traced out the peach leaves for the pie crust just like Martha showed me on her TV show. I worked on it All Day. I even set it to cool on the window sill like I thought Donna Reed would have done.¬† When my family ate it after dinner, I bit into the beautiful, undercooked pie crust. It was a Disaster. I never made another pie crust again.

Then came Vine. I tried it again, many [not telling you how many] years later. It was a success.

Take that, Martha!

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