Make Sunday a Fun Day

Me sadly watching the weekend coming to an end

I don’t know about you, but starting around 3 pm on Sunday, I start to get what I lovingly call the Sunday Night Blues. Thoughts about the upcoming, dreaded work day swirl through my mind. Even if it is slow time at work, I think, “What curveball are they gonna throw at me this time?” I found out that this problem is commonly known as Anticipatory Anxiety. Usually by noon on Monday, I realize that, again, there was no reason to be worried. Of course, this doesn’t prevent a repeat of it on the upcoming Sunday. (Side note: I love my job and my coworkers.)


Fortunately, I have found a cure for the Sunday Night Blues.

A few months after joining Twitter, I tried to find an outlet for my Ridiculousness. There are some Very Serious groups that didn’t really understand or appreciate my Silly. I considered deleting my account because I had nothing to Tweet. I played around with being an Inspirational Tweeter. You know, the ones that Tweet quotes you’d find framed in the principal’s office. It was too much work for me. Then, around October, I started playing hashtag games. I found that the more Ridiculous you are the more retweets and likes that you get. This is the whole purpose of the games. To make people Laugh with a capital L and to get as many retweets as possible. IT IS THEE BEST VIDEO GAME EVER.


So, I cohosted a game, and then the game ended. I was bummed. Shortly after, a few other hosts asked me to cohost their games. I couldn’t because it was too early or during my full-time job.

Then, I was asked to cohost @ClassicTags on Sundays at 1 pm PDT.

It was perfect. George is the creator of the game and he assembled a great team of 2 other really funny hashtaggers. Secia, I jokingly call Buttercup because of our mutual love of 80’s movies, specifically The Three Amigos. There is a scene in a bar where Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short sing “My Little Buttercup.” Also, we have this silly on-going joke that she has me locked in her trunk. Of course, the trunk isn’t so bad because it has Wi-Fi, caviar and champagne. Jeff is a fellow movie quoter. He and another hashtagger got me started with the whole movie quoting silliness with an Airplane GIF. We joke with others about being in a Movie Quote Club. See what I mean? Ridiculousness.

I love cohosting Classic Tags. It’s a great way to end the weekend and a cure for the dreaded Sunday Night Blues. We regularly make it to the top 5 trending hashtags in the U.S. and Canada. Last week, we made Twitter Moments. I love playing this game, as well as, other games on the Hashtag Roundup. Actually, I will play any hashtag game because they are all fun. You should play with us. You won’t regret it.

A Brownie Sundae I’d like to eat every Sunday

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