Pitch Wars, Beyonce’s Versace Leotard and My Twesties

I am grateful to the fun Twitter writing community of Pitch Wars that I participated in from June through early September. You should check out Brenda Drake’s blog for more information. I was not chosen to be a mentee, but I am grateful to the mentors and wonderful writers that I met through Twitter. I received a lot of invaluable advice and the mentor trash talk inspired me to buy crayolas, scented markers and a sketch pad. Enter silliness.

Through this community, I met my Twesties.

This is a conversation with my Actual Best Friend about Twitter.

Me: So, on Twitter, my Twesties and I have this on going pseudo fight about Beyonce’s diamond top from the “Baby Boy” video and her Versace leotard.

BFF: What’s a Twestie?

Me: Can you please join Twitter?

Twesties = Twitter + Best Friends

Are you addicted to Twitter like me? If yes, you should follow me and my silliness. Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll be Twesties.



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