Romance Writers of America National Conference

In July, I did not go to the RWA National Conference in New York. However, thanks to the lovely live Tweeters, I was able to live vicariously through the attendees. Please note that most of the information in the pictures was actually Tweeted. I am not making this up.

This is what happened below. I apologize for my artistic ability, but I had fun through the jealous tears. Additionally, since I Tweeted my pictures, most of the authors on Twitter either favorited or retweeted my silly pictures.

Nora Roberts is the Queen of RWA. Gena Showalter writes the awesome Lords of the Underworld series that I am obsessed with. Sarah Wendell’s Dear Bitches, Smart Authors podcasts make my cardio fly by. Her educational and hilarious podcasts also helped me survive 6 WEEKS of jury duty with a 1 hour commute. If I could send her Ryan Gosling as a thank you gift, I would.

I met the talented Tessa Dare at the UCLA Writers Faire and she told me about RWA. I attended her informative workshop at the California Dreamin’ Conference in March 2015. We also share a love for Poldark.

Rita Winner Tessa Dare

Kristan Higgins’ books are “crack-tastic.” I also drew a picture of Julia Quinn’s tear-inducing speech, but I can’t find the picture. (When I finally clean up my office, I’ll find it and post it.) I still don’t know whether her speech caused happy or sad tears. No one on Twitter would tell me. Why? WHY?!

Elia Winters was nominated for not one, but two Rita awards. I brought her book Purely Professional with me to Vegas, as if 109 degrees wasn’t hot enough. (I’d write more, but this is a family-friendly blog.) When Elia saw my drawing, she Tweeted me a GIF of Will Ferrill in a box of emotion from Anchorman. I think I may have peed my pants.

I hope to attend the RWA National Conference in San Diego in 2016 and meet the awesome authors that I drew pictures of during the live Tweets.

Nora Roberts' Speech
Nora Roberts’ Speech
Tessa Dare's Workshop-Not Actually Tweeted
Tessa Dare’s Workshop-Not Actually Tweeted
Elia Winters Double Rita Nominee
Elia Winters Double Rita Nominee

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