Trash Talkers, Dino Romances & Scented Markers

Sometime in July, I was playing around on Twitter and noticed some ridiculous book pitches on the Pitch Wars hashtag. Being me, I butted in to the conversation. I think 2 people were talking about a desire to see a dinosaur romance. I think it was Wendy Spinale and SP McConnell. (I have a problem interrupting people. I’m working on it. Did I just interrupt myself?) Which I have no idea whether butting into a Twitter conversation (Tweet-versation?) shows proper Twitterquette, but I did it anyway.

I found out that the Pitch Wars Mentors like to do a really funny thing called Trash Talking.

This is when they make-up bogus Pitch “wants” for their competing Mentor. So for some ridiculous reason, I started to participate. To my junior high art teacher, I am Very Sorry. Here is what happened below.

The Pitch below requested that the manuscript be written in white crayon.


The Pitch below requested a mash up of a dystopian Little Women. The CW network is actually planning on making a dystopian version of the classic Louisa May Alcott novel.


The Pitch below wanted Pinky Pie and a Care Bear to fall in love at FurryCon and film a gummi bear slasher flick. I bought extra large gummi bears and, well, you’ll see below.

WARNING: If you are easily scared or offended, you probably should leave my blog never to return.



I had a lot of fun with this Ridiculousness, so even if I don’t become a Chosen One for my pitch, I already gained by finding a fun writing community. I am grateful for that. And, I’ve found a love for drawing silly pictures. (Take that Rejection of junior high Art Class for the Gifted and Talented Program!) Did you know that they still sell those scented markers? I heart them.


But seriously, there are some really talented Artists out there who can draw inside the lines. (*cough SP_McConnell cough*) Hope you enjoy my silly pictures and thank goodness that I’m not a Real Artist. (In case you were wondering, I’m not submitting my story to the Mentors listed above.)


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